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Simple Tips for Preparing for an EMP

There are few survival tactics that have captured the imagination and even spawned fear among people and electromagnetic pulse seems to be one of them. The event which some people also refer to as a weapon, which is popularly known as EMP among most people creates a short burst of the electromagnetic energy which disrupts and even destroys electronic devices as well as systems and possibly even the electrical power grid as well. It may naturally occur similar to a pulse from a massive flare of the solar even though EMPs can also be created from technological devices and typically nuclear weapons. There are several tips and techniques that people should use to prepare for an EMP attack as discussed below.

Electric appliances

It is not all the time that one will have electronic appliances with them to have things done which explains why a hand-operated can opener can be so beneficial in cases where the electric one is not available. The best thing is that there are countless non-electric appliances that people can buy from the market and use in the event of an Emp attack. Some of them include the solar oven which ensures that food is cooked and water boiled as long as there is the sun in addition to the manual can openers as said above, meat and grain grinders, crank coffee grinders, butter churn, wind-up flashlight, well sleeve or bucket and a hand-powered the water pump. See this info.

Barter items

It is also vital for everyone to have items that they can barter in case there is an EMP attack bearing in mind that both credit and debit cards cannot be functional when the power goes out making the traditional bartering technique the most viable and effective option. It is also vital to hold onto food items with a longer shelf life in addition to weapons that may be used against someone. Things such as bullets, beans, and gasoline should be hoarded maximally while others such as caffeine, alcohol, and cigars should be put away. Hygiene products from and several; forms of entertainment such as playing cards and books are highly valuable as well.

It is also vital to invest in alternative lighting options, hand tools, self-defense equipment, Faraday cage, sources of power as well as communication systems. It is also vital for more people to venture in growing crops and keeping livestock as it may help to keep people alive during the EMP attack as well. Refer from this helpful page:

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