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Possible EMP Protection

Being serious survivalists, we're persistently looking out for different strategies of protecting ourselves and our equipment. A foremost concern being conveyed by members of various survival groups is focused on the dreadful issue of an EMP threat. Some say it causes havoc on the more recent junction centralized semiconductor products whereas other theories of knowledge dismiss the predicament as simple speculation.

No matter how you probably regard the matter and which side you're inclined towards, we often depend on reinforcement plans in order to make sure that we achieve our objectives. This brief article will give you instructions for an EMP oven, as it is referred to.

By tradition, modern electronic equipment is believed to be highly vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse of any sort. EMP attacks are sourced from our treasured electronic devices that can range from renegade solar systems to planned nuclear detonations. During any kind of an EMP attack, we are likely to lose the two way radio communications device that we have, unless we have some type of shield to protect it. With a little imagination, we will be able to device a way to protect our small things, like radios, against such EMP damage. In the army, there is something named screen rooms which blocked any sort of signal from entering or leaving the room. You can use the commercial versions, which are quite expensive, or improvise as discussed below or read more here.

Imagine for a while the natural dangers connected to microwave ovens along with the consequences if these are not correctly built. With this line of thinking, it is going to make perfect sense to use some microwave for potentially protecting the small electronic stuff that we have. A microwave oven is going to be an effective shield in preventing those pulses from destroying our gadgets.

The first thing to do is to measure the equipment for a rough calculation of the size enclosure you are going to need. Remember that you probably wish to keep more than a single item in this oven safe; for instance, your laptop computer, USB hard drives, flash drives or mobile phones.

You would like to place the EMP oven beside some cold water pipe in order to provide ground connection that is effective. Eventually, this pipe will have to be soldered with copper grounding strips to guarantee optimum protection should there be an EMP problem. You can get emp protection from

The next thing you will need is a microwave oven. It may be an old one and even if not functional, it can be used as an EMP resistant enclosure. Carefully check the oven to make sure there are no leakages or gaps in-between its body and door. While the microwave alone, as previously mentioned, can possibly protect against almost all EMP threats, soldering some braided copper wire grounding strip to the microwave's metal body from a cold water pipe guarantees an improved means of defense.

There are other alternative methods for electronic storage or protection such as using a metallic commercial gun safe or a regular aluminum trash can for bigger items. Don't forget about soldering braided copper wire on these things and then running them to a ground pipe of cold water. Projects like these should protect nearly all of your small electronic stuff in an EMP attack episode. To learn more, watch here:

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